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Sports Without Borders Leaders in the Development of Newly Youth, 30/08/11

Sports Without Borders (SWB) has fashioned an inspired program in conjunction with the Cities of Dandenong and Casey to deliver leadership programs to newly arrived youth leaders drawn from Cranbourne and Dandenong secondary colleges.

The program will seek to engage with 20 students to assist them to develop their leadership skills and event management. The group will also participate in a team-building day at Camp Manyung in Mt Eliza.

Sports Without Borders (SWB) will run the project supported by Youth Works and the Centre for Multicultural Youth from 29th August to 26th September 2011.

SWB Executive Chairman, James Demetriou said: “The key to the program is participation in the event and sustainability via direct grants to help young newly arrived people to get involved in structured sports and in particular to feel socially included.”

The aims and objectives of the CGD/ SWB program

  • Partnership Building
  • Training/Education modules developed
  • Young leaders identified and trained
  • Young leaders leverage involvement in their chosen sport from their local communities to organize and deliver a local event   
  •  Financial commitment from partners

 Key Sessions involving the Youth will include:-

  • Working with media - how the media works, and how it can work for you, using local ethnic and mainstream media, preparing media releases, working with journalists
  • Knowing your local council - how it works, working with council and council services, applying for funding,
  • Dealing with difference and problem solving
  • Working with guest sports speakers and others about building participation into sport among young people,

Mr. Demetriou said: “It is envisaged that there will be some direct grants for club joining fees and for equipment for some of the youth leaders to assist in their projects, or to youth identified as having a genuine passion to play sport in their local area.”

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