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Sports Without Borders National Community Sports Conference, 27/06/11

Landmark conference on grassroots Sports participation at Moonee Valley Function Centre at the Moonee Valley Racecourse on Monday, June 27, 2011.

Sports Without Borders will host a landmark conference that will signal a new era of participation and inclusion and a more equitable Australia.

Executive Chairman of Sports Without Borders, James Demetriou said: “There’s nothing more Australians love than their sport ... except, perhaps a fair go.

“This conference is crucial as it will break down some of the myths of how our education system is failing our kids in relation to their physical development, it will shine the spotlight on sport participation, racial discrimination in sport and how sport is a major tool for promoting social inclusion and social cohesion.”

Mr Demetriou said there are some clear societal benefits of sports participation:

1.              For the individual, sport helps develop valuable life skills – co-operation,

discipline, respect, and a sense of belonging, community and tolerance.

2.              For the true benefit of society, sport allows citizens to interact and join

social networks, helps new immigrants develop relations with other members of the community, helps combat discrimination, and assists general wellbeing and health.

Sport accounts for $8 billion of the Australian economy and 30% of all volunteers as well as contributing to job creation, furthering economic growth and revitalising disadvantaged areas.

Denis Moriarty, Managing Director Our Community said: “In today’s multicultural society many newly arrived Australians who love to participate in sport don’t always know how to get involved which is the essence of why Sports Without Borders was first created. Australia’s disadvantaged groups need to be involved and need to get a fair go from the multitude of sports organisations that work with Australia’s youth in order to help them to assimilate into our society. 

“As a result, everybody wins. The clubs win, those who have been disadvantaged win and the community wins,” Mr Moriarty said.

The 2011 Sports Without Borders Conference will bring together sportspeople, sporting clubs, government, local government workers and sports administrators to learn the facts, hear the stories, and learn about new practices and best practice solutions.

For those who work in, play, administer, umpire, coach, or care about sports and communities, this conference is a must. It is important for the community and absolutely vital for those people who want to become a positive part of it.

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