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Youth Action is an ambitious plan to take Australia’s school kids for the very first time through an organized technology driven sports activity process in an effort to promote and assist the healthy development of our young. For our nation this program would enable better, targeted future planning and assist in a healthier future.

The program is an initiative of Sports Without Borders and will focus on newly arrived and refugee children of multicultural backgrounds.

Youth Action is proudly supported by North Melbourne Learning and Life Centre,  technology partner Fusion Sport and is benefited through the involvement of  Victoria University. 

Saturday February 13, 2010 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

The first trial of the Youth Action initiative will take place on February 13th at Arden Street Oval (204 Arden Street, North Melbourne). The program will be part of the inaugural North Melbourne football club Family and Community Day, which will include appearances by players and entertainment by Sudanese Musicians, Eshak Awi & Fula Band.

Sports Without Borders Founder and Chairman, James Demetriou says the initiative as a national program would have major importance for not only the country but also its disadvantaged and newly arrived migrant youth. 

James Demetriou:
“Kids from all over the North Melbourne corridor, a lot of them recent migrants, will participate in this trial on Saturday. Encouraging them into sports activities like this, not only helps their fitness, it begins the extremely important process of social cohesion and provides pathways for integration into our community. And of-course they feel great and make new friends too!”

The combination of sports and the high level technology of Fusion Sport means kids who participate in the Youth Action program will be not only supervised by a team of University sport scientists, they will be able to show their physical potential for all sports; their agility and fitness through a hi-tech wristband! Called SMARTSPEED™, it’s an Australian developed, world first, wireless, computer controlled Training, Coaching and Testing System. 

The Fusion Sport partnership coupled with powerful committed organisations like the Victorian Multicultural Commission, The Australian Multicultural Foundation and Sports Science volunteers like Dr Trevor Allen (PhD, Muscle & Exercise Physiologist) makes Youth Action an exciting and genuine first.

The Youth Action pilot program aims to prove the model and is set to continue in Victoria with a proposal before the Victorian Government targeting City of Dandenong and Hume and western suburbs.

James Demetriou:
“We hope to prove the real value Youth Action can have for our kids and our country. Once our pilot results are in we’ll present our findings to Government to request real funding to enable us to take this great opportunity to the rest of Australia’s kids. Youth Action is hugely significant, particularly in light of recent findings within the Crawford Report.”

Sports Without Borders Director of Community and International Development Anne King says Youth Action would aim to address some key issues facing youth in Australia as well as targeting schools identified as underprivileged or lacking similar programs. 

Anne King: 
“We have the information, now it’s about taking action. We’re looking to go into communities and engage kids in a fun games program that provides them with a positive experience that can enhance their overall wellbeing. As most of these sports activities will involve many kids, there is a great opportunity for new friendships to form.”