City of Shepparton and SWB introduce sports to migrants and refugees

On Tuesday March 20, 2012 Sports Without Borders travelled up the Hume to Shepparton to facilitate a sports day for local schools, as part of the DPCD (Department of Planning and Community Development) project. Isik College, Shepparton English Language Centre and Maguire Secondary School and The City of Shepparton itself have large refugee populations.

The schools and language centre have a strong multicultural mix, in particular young people from Iraqi, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and Sudan and many of them attended on the day.

As a part of the leadership program, SWB and the City Of Shepparton organised  an event-planning day that allowed the young people to plan a successful sports event. This included planning for who should attend, the type of activities and importantly, the food required. (The food had to be Hallal).

The students invited representatives from a local soccer club and a local cycling club to give special exhibitions of their sports. Egg and spoon races and sack races were provided for the less sports minded participants.

The day went well, with the young people thouroughly enjoying the day. The highlight being the Hallal BBQ cooked up by the students from the program. There was even a Hallal Mr. Whippy!

As part of the DPCD project, SWB will report back to the State government on the Shepparton Program. It will be reported that: boys and girls were engaged in sport, no-one was excluded, people from different cultures came together in harmony, no-one went hungry and everyone felt safe and secure in a sports environment.

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