Victorian youth are as active as ever

The Youth Action program could not come at a better time for Victorian children.

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Sports Minister James Merlino in an article in the Herald-Sun on Monday 28th June said that Victorian were as active as ever.

 “Our local grassroots sporting clubs are the heart and soul of our communities. The latest report shows that Victorian sports remains strong – whether its our indigenous game of Aussie rules, or netball, basketball, golf, soccer and cricket.” Merlino said

 Sports Without Borders has a commitment to the ongoing health of newly-arrived youth Victoria in holding the Youth Action Day pilot on Saturdays 26  June. SWB’s Youth Action Day delivered positive health messages to 75 kids.

 It was one of the very few times that community and sporting events have come together as one. It was great to see the support of the state government and tremendous feedback on the sporting activites from the kids. Going by the response to Youth Action it looks set to continue in newly arrived communities and diverse LGA’s around Melbourne.

The program drives kids though hi-tech activities which are designed to be fun, engaging and deliver health messages to newly-arrived communities in Victoria.

North Melbourne Learning and Life Centre in its endeavour to help disadvantaged kids in the area, hosted the day in the multipurpose court.

Minister for Education, Skills and Workforce participation Brownyn Pike was in attendance to open the day and encouraged the kids to actively participate in the program , which was held om her own electorate.

The kids were drawn from by community youth groups including the Kensington Flemington Junior Sports Club, YMCA Victoria Community Programming , Doutta Galla Youth Limited, The Centre based in Errol Street as well as the North Melbourne Rotary Club, and Victoria Market.

 An hour and a half of fun games and sports followed where kids ran barefeet around the multipurpose court, learning about fitness, making friends and helping to foster social inclusion was the highlight of the day.

Sports Without Borders is looking forward to holding bigger Youth Action Days in the cities of Moonee Valley and Brimbank and other CALD (Culturally and Linguistic Diverse Communities) around Melbourne.

A barbecue followed with not only sausages available but healthy fruits and juice sending the message of healthy lifestyle to the kids who got involved in the day.

Special thanks to the small army of volunteers who got involved and helping to make the day a reality.