ABC, Q & A, Monday 7 June 2010 - hosted by Tony Jones

Tony Jones hosts Kevin Sheedy, Chris Bowen (MP), Prue Goward (Shadow Minister for Community Services), Scott Morrison (Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship), Heath Ducker (Lawyer) and Samah Hadid (UN Youth Ambassador)

The discussion centres around policy and immigration, refugees, boat people, the economy and sport.

AFL Legend Kevin Sheedy spoke about the connection that people feel through Sport.

Here is a segment of his response:

"I think that some of the areas that we connect with in this country, Australia, are sport, music, theatre and books. They’re four of the main connectors in Australia. And what we’ve tried to do at the AFL is connect, particularly with our indigenous Australians. We nearly have 100 Indigenous Australians on the AFL list. We’ve just drafted two extra for greater Western Sydney this week. So if you actually get into our communities and work through sport, which is sort of like a vine. It actually grows through your community. You actually can get really exciting people working together. It does not matter what religion and what nation they’ve come from and I’ve seen it with the supporter basis. We’ve done marvellously well with that and our here in West Sydney we’re working through some of the schools now, particularly in intensive English programs and, of course, the AFL has been working with that say for about eight years now and this new team is going to hopefully build a lot of relationships, because I really believe, like most Australians, when you sit down and watch tennis or cricket or golf or any code, Socceroos coming up, it connects Australia. So let’s keep working through that". Kevin Sheedy

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