Harmony in Cricket

The Harmony message is about celebrating our commitment to embracing traditional Australian values - justice, equality,  fairness and mateship. 

The Harmony concept is a national initiative and represents the bonds that hold us, as Australians, together.

It starts with you, upholding your culture and traditional heritage while embracing respect for and appreciation of others. This includes taking a stand against racism, prejudice and intolerance.

Source: Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs


Queenscliff Cricket Club has been announced as the winner of the 2009/10 Harmony in Cricket Competition, proving their dedication to cricket as a sport for everyone, irrespective of background, religion, gender, age, or ability.

Queenscliff evidenced the Harmony in Cricket message via a 20/20 match against the region’s army personnel at a community day, and 18 members from the club emphasised the message on Day 2 of the Boxing Day Test.

Each member of the 18-strong contingent wore orange and used individual lettering on t-shirts to spell ‘Harmony in Cricket’.

The Boxing Day Test display drew the gaze of the thousands present on the day, viewers at home, and received mention from the Channel Nine commentary team.

The club has planned a second match in January against nearby Sorrento to further celebrate the Harmony in Cricket message.

Hawthorn Monash University Cricket Club, Orbost Cricket Club and Youlden Parkville Cricket Club were selected as competition runners-up from a strong body of entries. Each club held a Harmony Day featuring an exhibition match as a centrepiece.

Hawthorn Monash University Cricket Club crossed cultural boundaries during their Harmony Day, bringing together Indian students, club players and City of Monash Mayor Paul Klisaris for a Harmony Day at the club’s home ground.

The colour orange pervaded the Orbost Cricket Club’s Harmony Day, which housed a 20/20 match and kids activities that rewarded the child donning the most orange with a prize.

Youlden Parkville Cricket enlisted players of diverse backgrounds from surrounding clubs Sunshine Heights, Essendon Cricket Club, Grand United Cricket Club and Coburg West Cricket Club to take part in a 20/20 match at the club’s community day. The club also introduced local culturally and linguistically diverse communities to cricket through a range of activities.

The winner receives 30 ODI tickets, Bushrangers appearance at their club, autographed cricket bats, 24 Kookaburra cricket balls, 1 Kookaburra Beast senior cricket kit and 1 Kookaburra Beast junior cricket kit. Runners-up receive 6 ODI tickets and 6 Kookaburra balls.

The 2009/10 competition was launched in October 2009 at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne by Cricket Victoria CEO Tony Dodemaide and featured journalist Angela Pippos and members of Victoria’s leading multicultural club, Sunshine Heights.

The competition will run again during the 2010/11 cricket season and clubs across Victoria are encouraged to once more demonstrate their commitment to creating inclusive environments and consequently gaining the chance to win another round of fantastic prizes.

For further information about this year’s competition or the Harmony in Cricket initiative, contact Sebastian Kipman on 9653 1172.

What is the Harmony in Cricket message?

Cricket is a multicultural sport played around the world by people from many different cultures, religions and abilities. All cricketers regardless of who they are, play not just under the laws of the game but under the Spirit of Cricket which embraces the Harmony message.

"Our club is a place where everybody regardless of their cultural background, religion, gender, age or ability feels welcome. If a person has a passion for cricekt, our club has a place for them".