SWB 2008/2009 Partnerships

The 2008/ 2009 year proved to be very successful- in terms our new partnerships, funding, launches and most important our grants to newly arrived Australians.

In the context of what we seek to achieve for the youth of Australia it is so incredibly important that our future be sustained by further grants and innovation.

SWB will continue its focus on new initiatives and sustainable funding. These initiatives are highlighted by:-

1.    The successful launch of a new joint venture partnership with the Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF), significant grants from the DPCD, the Pratt Foundation  the VMC, and the Scanlon Foundation.

2.    The successful launch of SWB in May 2009 was attended by over 120 people from all spectrums of the Australian Multicultural sector. Our new partnership with the AMF, the Scanlon Foundation and the DPCD was launched by the Minister for Sport and Recreation, The Hon. James Merlino MP. The launch was also highlighted by five grants totalling $25, 000 to community sporting groups, including the Flemington-Kensington Sports Club, Sunshine Heights Cricket Club, the Youth Junction Centre, Sunshine Heights Junior Soccer Club and South West Sports Assembly.

3.    The development of a new website with multilingual capability in seven lanaguages has just been launched. Project Project undertook this work and we are very excited about this development and the impact it will have on the sporting community.

4.    Scholarship funding to individuals and groups was in the order of $75,000 with a total of 90 individuals and 130 groups funded.

5.    A major new initiative for 2009/2010 year was The Social Inclusion Through Sport (SITS) proposal to the Federal government for 3 years funding for five sports. This would push SWB into a national leadership role in special inclusion which meets the current Federal government programs/ vision.

6.    A further application to the Victorian government (DPCD) with our partners the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) for funding to assist more children become involved in sporting events on a more sustainable level.

7.    Patrick Skene (our multicultural sport Principal Advisor) and I have attended and presented across Victoria and Canberra to groups such the Australian Marketing Forum, FECCA conference on Violence in Sport, and most recently the Australian New Zealand Sports Law conference in Canberra.

Our Sponsors, Partners And Supporters

Our Sponsors

·       Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD)

·       Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC)

·       Scanlon Foundation

·       Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF)

·       Pratt Foundation

Partners and Supporters

·       GippSport

·       Regional Sports Network Victoria (RSNV)

·       Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) (formerly CMYI)

·       Swinburne University of Technology (SUT)

·       Australian Football League (AFL)

·       Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES)

·       ATHLOS

·       The Youth Junction - VISY Cares Hub Sunshine

·       Migrant Resource Centres

·       Morwell Basketball Association

·       West Lalor Football Club

·       Sunshine Heights Cricket Club

·       Whittlesea Community Connections

·       Australian Karen Organisation (Youth Chapter)

·       Clayton Junior Football Club

·       Dinjerra Primary School 

·       Vikings Futsal Association Inc

·       Djerriwarrh Health Services

·       Ethiopian Community Association

·       Preston South Ohrid Soccer Club

·       United Somali Organization

·       Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)