Major Projects - Planning Partners

Scanlon Foundation, VMC, Pratt Visy Cares Hub, RSNV

Scanlon Foundation

The Scanlon Foundation Project will focus on refugee and newly arrived young people in the municipal areas of Hume and Moonee Valley/ Melbourne with emphasis given to North Melbourne and the City of Hume. SWB will work with existing organisations to promote young leaders and develop sporting competitions that engage their peers. These competitions will link into existing events within the area. SWB will throughout the life of this project establish alliances with local government, business and industry so that they are able to continue to support these young people and their involvement in sport into the future.

 In the City of Hume SWB has established a partnership with the local Council and the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY). These partnerships will see the development of the project using established networks and organisations whilst providing further opportunities for newly arrived migrant and refugee young people to connect with their community through sport.


SWB has also successfully applied for funding from the Victorian Multicultural Commission. The Victorian Multicultural Commission’s (VMC) Community Grants Program 2009 provides support to Victoria’s culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse communities, especially new and emerging communities, to develop and sustain local community organisations and programs, to promote social, cultural and economic inclusion and encourage greater community participation, understanding and mutual respect.

SWB is appreciative of The Victorian Multicultural Commission’s support and will continue to support the development of SWB within the community.

Pratt – Visy Care Hub

In September 2009 SWB was successful in obtaining a grant from the Pratt Foundation for the VISY Cares Youth Junction project in Sunshine. The work of The Youth Junction Inc (TYJInc) with the support of Sports Without Borders (SWB) involved a series of highly successful soccer tournaments for African young men. This project has involved The Youth junction Inc working in partnership with community organisations, service providers, local business, local council, local police and education providers. 

In the evaluation conducted by the Australian Multicultural Foundation, it was determined that while there are many practical and measurable outcomes from the grant, much of its value lay in more intangible aspects that cannot be concretely measured, and it is crucial to acknowledge these.  Participants in the tournament experienced the most immediate benefits, but the flow on effect is felt by their families, friends, workplaces, their community and within the local community more broadly.  Tournament participants spoke of the pride they felt when their friends and family attended as spectators, and the matches were usually well supported.  This helped strengthen relationships within families also.


The Sports Without Borders Foundation has addressed the needs of newly arrived refugee and migrant communities in regional areas by formally establishing relationships with GippSport and Regional Sports Network Victoria (RSNV). This strategy was part of the application and agreement with the DPCD.

SWB is keen to expand its area of influence and to do this by working in partnership with existing community and sports organisations. Regional Sports Network Victoria is well placed to facilitate access to the SWB in local communities.