Department of Planning & Community Development (DPCD)

Project aim is to increase the participation of young refugees and newly arrived migrants in sport.

The two key strategies to be used to achieve goals are:

Building and maintaining strong alliances with business,  philanthropic groups and community organisations.

Learning from the VisyCare model of working with business and the community. The important aspect of this approach is where the business “leverages funds from a variety of sources” to “give back to the community that has helped” make that industry/business successful.

Funds for direct grants

The direct grants are all aimed at removing barriers to the participation. Requests are made for sports
equipment, registration fees, transport, hire of training venues, specialist coaching and participation in sports tours and clinics.

Program Development & Promotion

Support toincrease work with community sport and promote SWB approach to
promoting participation.

Multilingual Internet Access

Upgrade to the SWB website including translation of key information into seven community
languages - Arabic, Chinese, Somali, Turkish, Vietnamese, Dari and


Sports without Borders has delivered $400,000 in refugee and new
migrant grants through pilot programs in Victoria, through state
government and local government delivery models, including:

State Government Delivery

Joint grants program withVictorian Multicultural Commission and Department of Planning and Community Development

Local Council Matching grants program 

Scanlon Foundation has contributed to a local government pilot program. Partnering with the Municipal Associations of Victoria and commencing in 2009, the program has allocated monies per annum to Hume and Moonee Valley Councils.

The Scanlon Foundation has conducted multi-year research on social inclusion within Hume and Moonee Valley regions.

Both Hume and Moonee Valley Councils have committed to matching funds