What we sponsor - Sports Without Borders Sample Projects

Transport and Travel

Sunshine Heights Cricket Club




 International Scholarships

Arsenal International Soccer Festival

Will Gerezgeher

$2000 Travel Scholarship to represent Australia at the Arsenal International Football Festival July 2007.






Community Sporting Event

AFL Unity Cup

A joint initiative of the Australian Federal Police, North Melbourne Football Club and the Essendon Football Club, the Unity Cup aims to unite Victoria’s multicultural communities through Australian Rules football, via an active round robin football competition accompanied by cultural entertainment and activities. Events on the day includes autograph and photo opportunities with Essendon players, a round robin football competition between four multicultural communities, live performances from multicultural entertainers and children’s activities.

The day aims to unite multicultural communities through a mutual appreciation of Australian Rules football.

The Unity Cup will be held on Sunday 11 April 2010 at Windy Hill.


Registration/Fees Gear

Victorian Iraqi Social Club

$1650 Goal Kick registration fees for 30 children
This grant enabled 30 Sudanese, Iraqi, Turkish, Iranian, Vietnamese and Nigerian children to participate in a 12 week Goalkick program at the Reservoir Strikers Soccer Club.


Sustainable Grant/Mentoring Model

Current Problem:

There is a range of government sports grants to individuals and

sports organisations that are available to

new migrant communities. These grants are generally for a single

year, cannot be repeated and result in a high churn rate and poor

outcomes for the community. After Year 1 – You are on your own

and the “community enablers are disabled”.

Sports Without Borders Model:

The Sports Without Borders integrated model works with partners to identify and fund

individuals and event/team enablers to grow sport in CALD

communities. For community organisations the multi year grant

model allows them to build fundraising and community event

hosting capacity on a longer term basis and lock in a solid base of

stakeholder/partners to ensure long term event and program