Lindsay Gilbee Elite Kicking School

Lindsay Gilbee is helping to develop good football habits at an early age, and has honoured his father to boot.

The dynamics of kicking were set down to Lindsay by his father who sadly passed away two  months ago.

In memory Lindsay has set up an elite kicking camp - the first of its kind in Australia.
Of the 30 boys (and girls) aged 13-17, four boys were selected from the AFL Multicultural Camp 2009, and SWB sponsored them to take part. Chris Horimidis (Greek), Tom Jok (Sudanese), Shaun Fricot (Mauritius) and Sam Huang (Chinese) were sponsored by SWB and are in the elite squad training through selected weekends in October, November and December at the Western Oval.

Lindsay says that Chris Horimidis has developed into one of the best kicks in the school  - on both feet. Shaun Fricot has been judged one of the biggest improvers as has Sam Huang.

Learning the  correct way to drop the ball - effective disposal, and modern AFL techniques like the quick release kick, are just some of the skills that this pioneering program is coaching into the young people.

This is an elite school, and hard work, punctuality are being trained into the invitees to help them understand that the better the kick, the better the draft prospects.

The kicking school is aptly names as it also includes not only training but homework that the boys/girls participants must complete in their own time.
Each student at the end of the term is given a video and written analysis of their kicking and what they need to improve on from week to week.

Lindsay agrees that the adaption to football is harder for some of the multicultural kids.
They may not have a footy background and have to learn how to drop the ball the correct way, or re-learn the art of kicking.

Perhaps kicking camps like these are the best way to pick kids up talented multicultural who may fall through the system if not for the assistance of SWB the opportunity set out by Lindsay Gilbee.