Hero Stories

"Man About Carlton" Scholarship Case Study

At nineteen years old, Liban Mohammed’s resume is longer than most; student, soccer-player, local sports advocate, community mentor... The list goes on.

Liban travelled to Australia when he was just two years old with his mother and younger siblings in 1995. Now firmly established in his local community, his unfailing enthusiasm for and commitment to everything he does, whether it be sport or not, is something others can only aspire to.

Like most soccer enthusiasts, Liban began to play as a young child; “I started playing in primary school. I played all sports but I always leaned towards soccer.” His reason? Simply, “I thought it was the most interesting.” With funding assistance from SWB’s Sports Scholarship program Liban plays midfield for the Heidelberg Stars, a position he says involves “a lot of work. Midfielders do a lot of running.” Liban is also engaged in community sports volunteering with SWB; he was part of the leadership and development team for the Carlton Community Sports Carnival that was held by SWB and Melbourne University and is keen to be involved in more events.

Liban is also studying a Diploma of Management at traineeship institution Careers Australia, which seems to top off an already busy lifestyle for anyone, but Liban is matter-of-fact: “I try to manage my time well,” he says. Liban’s jam-packed schedule seems to stem from a desire to be a part of everything, both great and small. Even on the soccer field: “I chose to play midfield because I wanted to be involved in most of the game.”

Liban’s relationship with SWB began when he was part of the leadership team for the ‘Run Kick Play’ Active Carlton project. Athalia Zwartz, Executive Director of SWB, praises Liban’s “good relationship with the community,” saying, “Liban works well with the younger people and connects well with all his peers.” Liban’s positive relationship with his peers is also evident when he speaks about his soccer team, praising their skills. He says, “Our team has a lot of really good players. (There’s) a lot of quality in the team.”

Liban’s connection to his community and commitment to all his activities speaks of a maturity far beyond his years and has worked in his favour. As Athalia Zwartz says, “SWB would love to work with him again,” a symbol for all his future endeavours.